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Diamond cutting tools


MiniCut - Inserts

TFC boring bar MiniCut
Cutting parameters for machining cemented solid carbide

Inserts for inner machining with ultra hard cutting materials starting from Ø=4,0 mm

We have developped the MiniCut Tool System especially for boring from a diameter of 6,8 to 25 mm using our ultrahard cutting materials. The whole concept is designed for the use of ultrahard cutting materials and consequently optimises all of its advantages considerably.

All boring bars are designed in solid tungsten carbide with integrated coolant feed and enable boring depths of up to 7xD. Our MiniCut tools are used on machining centres and turning machines.



Adap - 1635

Contrary to most conventional tool system we use the positive indexable inserts type EPHW and EPHT 0401.. and 06T1... The general superiority of the 75° insert style enables higher cutting performance and exactitude. Our tipped boring bars have the identical shape for a diameter range from 4,0 mm.

Our Wiper-Indexable Inserts with neutral or positive rake angle and tipped Wiper- Boring Bars with neutral rake angle are used for high-tech machining with high productivity and increase the flexibility and superiority of our MiniCut- System considerably.