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BECKER Chipbreaker CB3
BECKER Chipbreaker CB3
BECKER Geometry CB3
BECKER Geometry CB3

Chipbreaker CB3

High Speed Turning - Roughing in a NEW dimension

Superior material removal rates producing small manageable chips with the optimized CB3 chip breaker.

  • PDC-CU-S Diamond for roughing all Aluminum Alloys
  • Solid 1.6 mm Diamond for optimized heat flow and tool life
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Successful Aluminum-Machining with BECKER CB3

Applicable for all Aluminum Alloys. Recommended Turning Parameters:

  • vc ........... 800 - 2.500 m/min
  • fn ........... 0.2 - 0.35 mm/rev
  • ap ........... 0.8 - 3 mm

For best chip breaking results a minimum depth of cut of 0.8 mm is recommended.
CB3 requires coolant or Minimal Quantity Lubrication (MQL). Cutting material PDC-CU-S Diamond with coarse grain (20-35 µm) and low portion of binder for a high hardness and maximum tool life time.

3D Chip Breaker Design

insert with chip breaker

Besides the manufacturing of extremely sharp cutting edges the new laser technology allows to manufacture all imaginable 3D chip geometries with and without chip breaker function, also for all diamond cutting materials.

Thereby all machining situations are very well controlled because besides the pure 3D chip geometries also finest positive and negative chamfer geometries along the cutting edges can be lasered at the same time. With this combination and a special surface structure in the range of chip design we succeeded with all diamond cutting materials in the dry processing of all NE-metals.

In combination with the ideal chip design and the exclusive machining with the new laser technology the polycrystalline CVD thick film diamond demonstrates its real strength. During the dry processing with chip breaker function the tool life time is 3 to 5 times higher than with all known PDC

Even the monocrystalline diamond – no matter whether manufactured in natural or HPHT processing – is beaten as expected by the polycrystalline CVD thick film diamond during a lot of applications by 2 to 3 times regarding the tool life.

In the following we show a few chip breaker designs in PDC and TFC diamond:

Cutting Data - Range of application

Due to the new possibilities to manufacture all diamond cutting edges with chip breaker design the fields of application for all diamond cutting materials are considerably extended.

In a first step we offer two designs planned for different applications:

PDC - Chip Breaker
CB 1 - Positive geometry for finish and super finish machining, ap: 0,05 mm to 1,5 mm. Applicable for smallest tolerances at lowest cutting pressure.

Application: thin-walled and instable work pieces.

TFC - Chip Breaker
CB 2 - Slightly negative edge preparation for semi finish, finish and super finish machining, ap: 0,5 mm to 2 mm. Due to an increased cutting pressure a better surface quality at smallest tolerances can be reached.

Application: thick-walled solid work pieces at stable circumstances.