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BECKER Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH

Diamond cutting tools


New innovation

Experience our new generation of PcBN grades for hard turning

  • Very large application range window for continuous and slightly interrupted cut
  • Excellent surface qualities
  • First choice for case hardened workpieces and hard-soft machining
  • Suitable for a hardness of 32 HRC +
  • Perfectly suitable for small-scale production
  • Suitable for steels with low (chrome-) carbon content
  • Internal turning

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Ultrahard facts about BECKER

For decades have we been paving the way in the development and production of new and efficent cutting tools made of ultrahard cutting materials.

  • Vast range of diamond and PcBN grades.
  • PcBN-sandwich constructions cost up to 50% less per cutting edge.
  • Immendiate delivery from one of the world's largest inventory of ultrahard cutting tools.
  • Becker's ultrahard cutting tools are effenctively applied in all industries world-wide, for example: automotive engineering and associated suppliers, aircraft and engine construction, mechanical engineering, optical industry, precision engineering and medical engineering.